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Why it’s important to get what you need!

greenery in the bushHappy Saturday!

I really value the time when I’m outdoors.  I love this time so much because I get the chance to think clearly and regroup without interruption.  My time spent walking or running gives me room for clarity, focus and inspiration.  Today when I was out for a  walk I noticed a lot of dry area’s with tons of dead weeds, plants and grass everywhere.  What was surprising to me was that what usually surrounded all of the dead stuff was one or two lush green plants amongst them.  Now I’m sure there is some sort of scientific logical explanation for why some plants get enough water and thrive when others around them don’t. Luckily for me my mind is not a logical or scientific one so, I of course pondered and asked myself the question why does this happen?  My mind immediately went to the bible scripture where it talks about how the wheat and the tares grow together Matthew Chp 13 vs. 29-30. I have come up with a couple of theories on my own as to why this happens, my first theory is that the green plant has the inner ability to absorb what’s good for it no mater what the conditions are.  It will be healthy, thrive and shine no matter the circumstances. My second theory is that the green plant has learned through adaptation to take whatever it needs to survive, even if it means taking life and living water from every source possible around it. The dead plants have done the reverse they have adapted to NOT taking enough for themselves so they die, hoping that the green plant won’t take all of the water while they wait on water to arrive..  In a weird way it’s strange how the other plant sources allow themselves to die and only a few plants survive looking healthy green and lush.  I know I’m getting way too deep on this but it’s just how my mind ponders possibilities??? My life journey is helping me understand that the only crime that happens when you don’t get what you need is the one that’s committed by YOU.  Taking what you need is necessary, learning how to take what you need without letting those around you die if they choose to partake is an art not learned by many.  If those around you choose not to partake in the living water to survive that decision belongs to them…not you! dry grounds-2 dry grounds  

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  1. I’ve never looked at it like that…interesting!

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