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Waist Trainers do they really work?


Waist Trainers..Do they Work?


My sister-in law recently had a baby, my cutie patootie BRAND NEW nephew!!  She asked me my thoughts about waist training?  Being a new mommmy and wanting to get back to body before baby is something that we can all relate too (even tho I think she looks great).  I have heard about waist training before.. many say that they really work!!  Some say the results are temporary, that you do see changes but the changes don’t last.  I like most of you have watched the videos and tutorials about the legitimacy of waist training but I don’t know enough about it to give it 2 thumbs up?  Waist trainers are something you wear underneath your clothes or while workingout, cinching (tightening) your middle to make it smaller over time.

China Blac KKCelebs like the Kardashians and Blac China swear by their teeny tiny little waist that cinchers really do work. It’s so hard to say, I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not?  When I think of  waist cinching I think about  the Victorian days when women wore corsets.  Although they did have incredibly small waist, those smaller waist came with a price.  According to my research for a lot of women during that era wearing corsets were extremely miserable and totally uncomfortable… I have read about horrible bruising, broken ribs etc.. not fun at all!!  I’m glad to see that things have changed!

I do have a stretchy waist band that I wear when working out, it causes me to sweat a lot in my abs, releasing water retention.  I wear it to have a smaller waist and to accentuate my curves.  I have not tried a official corset/waist trainer myself but I would love to know if any of you have and what kind of results have you gotten from wearing it?


2 thoughts on “Waist Trainers do they really work?

  1. Thanks for the helpful info! the way it’s presented is that it can help melt inches in the waist so it’s good to know that’s what you were told too. it’s worth a try to melt that belly and reshape your figure… gotta love that it lifts the girls too!! Win Win!!

  2. I have a similar garment called “;Body magic Bodyshaper” …It fits like a corset…When I wear it during my workouts…it makes me sweat along. I like to get a good sweat….I do not consistently wear it. I was told when I purchased it some years ago, that you can lose inches. I have also worn it when I want to look nicer in my clothes…it helps lift “the girls too (that’s a plus :):)..

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