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Valentines Day Decor!


xoxo valentines glasses

love1-1This Valentine’s day make life a little bit sweeter!  Make the ones you love feel special everyday by doing those little things that say “I love you” and “your special”.  Through the years I love to make my own V-Day crafts and cards. Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift made with love from the heart… and it’s a really great way to get your kids involved.  Don’t get me wrong I’ll take diamonds, fancy chocolates and expensive perfume ANYDAY…I’m just saying…lol!!! The bottom line is all any of us really want is time, love and to feel special! Today most of us are so busy from the moment we get out of bed until the time we finally lay our heads down at night to go to sleep. I tell myself often slow down, enjoy life…LIVE and love more!!  As a mom It’s my job to love hard, show up and  pay attention to every little detail of my family’s life!! I admit it’s a tall order and get’s me a little TIRED Crazy tired…but I wouldn’t have it any other way…It’s my job and I love it!  This year extend your V-Day love to someone you normally would not reach out too… love doesn’t always mean romantic love, love is thoughtful, kind and touches the heart.   The official day is February 14, so we still have this weekend and next week to prepare something thoughtful and special.  I say we don’t need one single day to share love and to make our sweethearts feel special…. knock their socks off and show them what cha got, let them know that you love em and they are worth it!!!!!  I know that Valentine’s Day decor in the home can be a little sappy and kiddy if your not careful, so my approach to Valentine’s Day decor is little touches of cute-sweet meets chic!  I love the double old fashion glasses from Pottery Barn for the grown-ups and the sweet Envelope chair backer for the kids and Urban Ears headphones for you, your teens or young adults!Urbanears-purple valentines day for kids

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