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Urban Decor- 70’s Inspired Mid Century Modern

modern sofaorange retro chaircool glasswaremid modern coolkharyWhen I was living in NYC back in the 90’s-2001 one of the many wonderful things I remember about New York was visiting my friends & their friends. I would love to hang out and admire the various spaces where everyone lived all over the city. Since everyone was so unique and creative it was always fascinating to see how everyone lived.  Back then my space was described best by my friends as the comfortable funky modern suburban…since I lived in Pleasantville about 35 miles or so, outside of Manhattan near White Plains.  I can honestly say that style mode has stuck with me, because in every home I have lived in since I carry that same style philosophy.  I would best describe the “Comfortable Funky modern Suburban” style as bright, fun, funky-modern/kid friendly… doing my best to keep them (kiddos) and me happy! All done with style,comfort, without perfection,…with plenty of color,crayons and stickers (breathe & embrace)!! One of the apartment styles I loved and drooled over back then and even today was the apartment owned by my friend Model/Artist  Khary Simon. His place was beautiful, hip and so cool. It reminded me of a cool mix of 60’s-70’s chic mixed with mid century modern simplicity. I was digging through my photos (I keep everything) to find some old photos of his fabulous apartment in Harlem.  I found an old picture of Khary (awww I miss you Khary) and what I remember about his wonderful space!  This is not his furniture or his actual apartment (still diggin through old photos) but I wanted to give you a visual of what I remember about his place.  Please click photos and follow-links if you are inspired to purchase or drool (lol) over any of the items shown pictured! Life is filled with wonderful memories both old and new great for sharing and reminiscing… create new memories today for the life ahead of you to come!  Live well & Stay inspired!orange speckled pitcher


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