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How to create hotel-like linens at home!

ironed bed sheetscrisp white sheetsCozy Comforts!!  Call me crazy but does anyone else besides me Iron their bed sheets?  Ok let me explain first before you think I’m completely nuts, I only Iron my sheets (one time) right after I pull them out of the dryer or after they dry from hanging.  I like for my bed to feel like luxury it’s the best place for me to lay my head at night so I kinda go all out when it comes to making my bed special. I also spray a little of my favorite linen spray onto my undressed mattress and pillows before I dress my bed with fresh linens..right now I’m totally in love with febreeze thai dragon fruitThai Dragon Fruit linen spray made by Febreze.  It’s a seasonal scent so you have to grab it when it comes out during Spring/Summertime.  Since it’s not available year-round (now) I had to settle for Lush Pink by lush Pink-bed sprayBath & Body Works Dragon fruit (Brazilian collection)  Like stated before I don’t spray anything directly onto my linen out of consideration for my hubbie and kids (don’t want to irritate anyone’s skin including mine), this fragrance is slightly fruity and soft.  it’s a perfect accompaniment to my fabric softened sheets, sometimes if in a pinch I rub ( fabric dryer sheets) directly onto my mattress and pillows just before I put linen on them too, it works just as well as the spray.  I’m addicted to things that smell good so I definitely want my home to reflect that, comfy, cozy, inviting and smell delicious. 

mongolian lamb fur pillow-orangemongolian lamb fur pillowsAnother cozy comfort I love is Mongolian lamb fur pillows they are so hip modern and cool they work well in any space and look fantastic on your bed, couch or chair. It can be a little pricy but worth it because natural fibers last a long time and look beautiful!  Make your space a luxury retreat for you and your family the world can be hard your home should be safe, soft and warm!

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  1. Still looking for Thai Dragon Fruit linen spray, even Amazon doesn’t have it. Let me know if you find it.

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