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Top 5 Gluten-free Breakfast options on the go!

Tompkins Gluten Free bagels NYC 646-351-6520
Tompkins Gluten Free bagels NYC 646-351-6520

I have been giving the gluten-free lifestyle a try, and so far I’m loving it!  Not because I have Celiac disease or any gluten intolerance, I like many of you am concerned about the genetically modified foods we eat especially wheat.  I try to be open-minded and educate myself as much as possible, determined to figure out things as I go. So for a busy mom like me who pretty much lives in her car, I don’t want to sacrifice my day with an unhealthy food choice that gets me stuck in a bad cycle. I’m always looking for good fuel to keep me going, because this mama’s got a lot to do, and I need the extra energy to keep this train moving! My goal is to look for things loaded with whole grains (gluten-free), protein and of course fruits and veggies. On the days I don’t have time to whip up an egg white scramble, or prepare a green smoothie I want to grab something quick, that taste good, nutritious, and is easy to eat in the car! Here are a few of my packed with protein gluten-free faves that I’m just so loving right now!

Ditching the gluten doesn’t mean you have to give up oatmeal or an occasional cookie or bagel! My favorite certified gluten-free oatmeal on the go is Straw Propeller Blueberry Blitz natural gourmet oatmeal. This oatmeal is special, it’s loaded with yogurt covered blueberries along with even more blueberries…so good.blueberry blitz oatmeal-1

gluten-conscious-monster-cookie-with-nuts Panera’s gluten-conscious Monster Cookie w/nuts  is packed with peanut butter, cranberries, nuts, and dark chocolate chips! Yummy goodness

blueberry banana muffins GFMy Homemade GF Blueberry Banana Muffins which I bake ahead and freeze…warm it up and I’m out!

egg white teff tacoSpicy egg white Teff tacos with a cup of berries & veggies on a to go plate and a cup!

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