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Hip Retro-clocks for any happening pad!

Hat lady retro handmade clock Hat Lady Retro Clock handmade Etsy $35

It’s hard to believe that the rush and hustle & bustle of the holidays are over it seems to come and go faster and faster.  I’m excited to see what the New year is going to bring… Still have not taken down my tree yet, but I did remove the stockings from the fireplace and some of my Christmas decorations..mostly. The next time I do any themed holiday decor it will be for Valentine’s day next month.  In the meantime I will keep my colorful winter retreat theme going until then.  Your space should make you smile every time you open the door, There’s no place like home!  Make it your safe haven, a place to retreat and renew from the outside world…Happy decorating!!

chromatic-bamboo-wall-clock cool clocks3 cool clocks



Comfy & Cozy with a warm winter blanket!



faux throw1

In most places across the country right now it’s cold!!  Winter is in full effect, so when it’s time to retreat from the cold harsh winter weather snuggle up on the couch with a warm cozy faux fur throw.  A nice throw is not only warm it adds a nice decorative touch to any room, talk about lush these fancy throws add touch of glam and luxury to any space!!  You and your guest are going to be thrilled to stay-in with these luxury comfy throws,  So go grab a book, a glass of wine or cup of tea and get your cozy, comfy, comfort on!


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