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The Power of OM…Why should we Meditate?

how to meditate-coverA few days ago while in the garage looking for paint and Easter supplies I stumbled across an old book.  The name of the is book is  How to Meditate A Guide to Self-Discovery.  I received this book over twenty years ago from a good friend in NY.  It was one of those gifts that I was like” oh gee thanks”, appreciative but in no way interested in reading.  At the time when I got it, I was in NYC, young, adventurous and living in full self-discovery mode!!!  Who needed to meditate when you’re busy living, so I put the book away and actually forgot about it!  Finding the book again after all these years intrigued me… truth be told I’m in DESPERATE need of self-discovery, so I’m diving right in!!!!  I wiped off the dusty dirty cover and brought the book inside.  I don’t know much about meditation, my ideas about meditation are pretty OM, being in a quiet place searching my soul.  The bible makes several scriptural references about meditation like meditate-biblePsalms 104:34 May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the Lord.  So far I have not read the entire book, I’m in the beginning stages of the journey with it.  I was immediately intrigued and relieved to discover that meditation transcends religion and spiritual beliefs, my attention was drawn in even more when the book ask the question why do we meditate?  Different methods of meditation were discussed, popular techniques most of us are familiar with.  The author asked the question to colleagues, the answer given was  fascinating, “We are all in a widowed state and our task is to remarry” It is our fullest “humanhood”, the fullest use of what it means to be human, that is the goal of meditation.  Meditation is a tough-minded, hard discipline to help us move toward this goal. Ok wow what a great quote! I will continue to explore this book a little further just to see what it has to say.  As people especially women we need to constantly did deep for peace and well being,  the discipline to do this takes dedication, work and time. The bible says  to meditate on God’s word, I also believe we should meditate on positive things that affirm, and give us life and value!


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