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The Importance of a Rest day from Excerise!

rest from excersiseHappy Sunday! This time around I want to talk to you about rest. I know this section of the blog is all about building up those voluptuous curves and getting that booty siting up high, tight and all-mighty (lol), but today I want to talk about the importance of rest and giving that body of yours a break. Yesterday my body reminded me how much I really NEED to look forward to my rest days!  I also want to share my personal experience, and this article I found in Shape Magazine .  I have a crazy hectic life (like many of us do) so my rest day can vary from week to week, my general rule is to have 5-6 consecutive days of working out with one day of rest.  Have you ever had this happen to you?? Your body says no and completely shuts you down?… Well yesterday this happened to me!!  After finishing my Saturday morning/mid-afternoon duties I changed my clothes to get ready for a 90 minute yoga class. I had a few extra minutes before class so I sat down on the couch with my towel and water in hand ready to go…Well that few minutes turned into 3 1/2 hours later, I woke up clutching my towel like a pillow (lol)  completely passed out!! This was a reminder to me that for all of the things I put my body through it deserves at the very least 1 day of rest from working-out.  For many of us It’s back to school time getting back into the groove with the kids, early mornings, school lunches, field trips and volunteering in the classroom. Make sure to take care of yourself and get the rest you need, working-out is a good thing in fact it’s a great thing but overdoing it does us no good!!  If we stay on over drive never stopping for a much-needed break we sabotage our efforts!  rest daysI’ve discovered that when my body does not get enough rest not only does it shut down but I start to hold onto that pesky fat that I’m working so hard to keep off, I don’t get my monthly cycle due to over training (scary) lowing estrogen levels is never a good thing, or I hit a plateau and no matter how hard you train you just don’t see any results. Besides in order for muscle to grow the body needs rest so that the muscles can  repair itself, strengthen and grow. Please do not stop your grind do whatever you need to do to feel amazing and stay healthy, no doubt it’s important just remember that giving your body rest is equally as important!Have a wonderful week train hard and rest peacefully!!

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