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The Benefits of Hot Yoga!

after hot yogaHi everyone!! Update Alert…On my last blog post I told you that I was venturing out to try Bikram Yoga (a.k.a) Hot Yoga. Initially I was supposed to take the class with a friend for her birthday but like many moms our schedules did not quite line-up together (no harm no foul) so I paid the $15 drop in fee and ventured out to take the class on my own. As mentioned in my previous post Bikram Hot Yoga I have taken yoga classes before at my local gym but never considered yoga to be a game changer for your body on its own. To me yoga was something I did after a long run or hard work-out, it seemed to foo-foo something for trendy girls who didn’t want to sweat!!…Boy oh boy was I COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!! Upon entering into the yoga studio I thought hmm this is not so bad, yes it was hot but it’s bearable.  I instantly scanned the room filled with half-naked participants of every size, shape and age which impressed me right away…what great confidence everyone had!!! So bold, free and fearless… I’m so lovin the vibe in this space!!!  I was introduced as the newbie to the group and was greeted with love & support as a first timer. For the first class you are encouraged to just stay in the room even if you cannot do all of the poses overcome the heat and do not leave the hot studio.  Bikram is all about listening to and honoring your body.  As a reformed runner (3 marathons 2 full and 1 half) running up to 30 plus miles per week sometimes  (thankfully the old me) not to mention the rounds and rounds of P90X/weight training this body of mine up has been beat-up pretty good!  This class was excellent,  on a scale from 1-10 Bikram Yoga gets a 10.  This class was one of the most incredible things that I have done for my body in a long time without all of the stress!! As difficult as class was (holding the poses and concentrating) I gotta say afterwards I felt renewed, centered and accomplished like my body was screaming thank you G for taking the time to care for it lovingly and with care.  Yoga is a practice as well as a process just like any other physical activity, pushing past limitations with concentration, focus and strength talk about incredible all while dripping in bucket loads of sweat from head to toe!!! I can see changes in me already it’s absolutely nuts..needless to say yes I’m addicted!  I feel great and over the moon about my yoga booty baby lol!!! Putting in the work is what we have to do if you want to see results, no way around it!! Give your body some love and care by giving Bikram Yoga a try…your body will thank you for it.  Namaste!!

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