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The benefits of beauty rituals

22massage1Last Friday I had a much-needed day at the spa which included a body massage, foot spa with hot stones and a pedicure. The thing that I love about going to the spa other than the relaxation of course is the variety of bath & body products that they use, It lifts me up awakening all of my senses. I absolutely love all of the wonderful massage oils, scrubs, washes, lotions and pretty potions!! If I could I would go to the spa every week, but since that’s not an option for me I can always go for doing my mini-spa treatments at home.  Beautify your  body everyday with Aqua Spa Eucalyptus & Mint Bath and body set with Marine Youth Complex available at hereeucalyptus mint bath oil at luv2shopmycloset it’s so fresh, affordable and soothing.  This line is so incredible for everyday at home maintenance until you get back to the spa, my other two favorites from the collection are the lavender chamomile, and the citrus ginger.  Doing the little things to make yourself feel good is so important. Taking time out to get your hair or nails done, getting a much-needed massage or manicure are the perfect little pick-me ups that keep you alive and make you feel great!  Find the time to take care of yourself everyday, make and keep-up beauty rituals that celebrate you… Why?? Because it’s important and the benefits of doing so are amazing and necessary.. besides you are so worth it! Hey there beautiful you are so beautiful!!!   

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  1. You are So Welcome!! I just love how certain fragrances and scents trigger emotion and wonderful memories from childhood. It’such an interesting progression of the type of fragrances we have worn in our lifetime… it’s like a evolution of who we are! I’m so happy you love the products the Eucalyptus Mint is amazing…and like you mentioned it’s not what you expect at all, the smell is blissful and energizing with healing benefits as well. I can’t say enough good things about the Somerset talcum powder’s (Imported from England) so special and so lovely! Thank you for your support!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the goodies Miss G! I love the talcum powder, it reminds me of my childhood and I want my sheets to smell just like that all the time. The first whiff I took of the Aqua Spa Bath Oil (Eucalyptus Mint) made me think of a health spa and it was just alright. Since I don’t like baths (they make me tired and I don’t like soaking in my own dirty water) I decided to use it in the shower, but it didn’t work like I expected, it didn’t suds up. So when I got out of the shower, I just put it on my body like lotion…. OMG!!! It felt great, slides on smooth but the best part is I smelled so good. I couldn’t believe how good the Aqua Spa Bath Oil smelled on me, something about my body chemistry and that fragrance just works!!! I love this product! All night long, I kept sniffing my arm and each time I would just smile,I felt relaxed and sort of special. I highly recommend folks give this a try, love it!

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