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Summer Home Decor

Summer fun with Decor

hip modern rugs Sometimes all a room needs is a new breath of life! Now that summertime is here I hope that you are introducing plenty of color with pillows, fresh fruits in vibrant hip bowls, or beach inspired candles!  If these bold moves make you a little uncomfortable or you’re a little color shy ease into it and give something new a try!! Summer is all about fun, the beach and beauty….your home is a reflection of you so make it personal!!  Forget about playing it safe it’s time to get your color on! Try something like a free hand canvas painting while spending time on the beach, or if that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing purchase and support a local artist painting that you love….get the kids involved too by hanging their art work and letting their creativity shine.  Do what inspires you no rules required!

I found this colorful woven rug which looks great in my Kitchen!colorful rug-2

Layla Multi-Area Rug Modern Design $92.00

BOHO Beach Candle Bendel’s $30

Starburst fruit bowlboho beach candleLayla-Multi-Rug-LR03403-MU Artist Canvas painting kit $30.96 US Art Supply Malibu Beach not included!

malibu beachcanvas painting kit

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