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Spring 2015 fashion forecast

H&M hot lips tee


As most of us are still dealing with Snowstorms, Nor’easter’s and cold weather the fashion community wants us to start thinking about  Spring!  I know It’s hard to believe but spring is officially right around the corner (yay) I’m totally ok with that, next week will be March 2015…..Insane!!!  Fashion this Spring has the industry buzzing and forecasting about what’s going to be the latest hot Trends! Oh Me oh my what to wear!  One thing I do like about spring 2015 (other than 70’s chic) is that there seems to be a anything goes attitude when it comes to fashion which I personally LOVE…. I think fashion should be like that anyway!  Now is the time to get the best deals on Spring items ladies stretch your $$$$ and come out a winner!  As you can see I scored these incredible 9West Cork Sky high Wedges on the clearance rack for $11 bucks!!! Now if that doesn’t scream 70’s chic (and 70’s prices Hehe) I don’t know what does so cute and so versatile.  As always do what cha like when it comes to your look vintage, traditional, trendy or..eclectic Love it WEAR IT!  I’m also happy to see that leather/pleather is here for another go-around for spring,  I found these super cute skinny leather-ish jeans/leggings with zippers sexy and edgy I got them at the spring introductory price for only $19.99… Sweet!  Every great outfit has accessories so don’t forget yours I got my big silver and gold hoops out and ready to wear for Spring they are a true classic..Timeless70's necklace


safari fringe jacket

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