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So Stylish.. Fall 2015 Fun Fashions and 70’s Chic

love her lookaline skirtThis Fall 2015 is all about having fun and not taking your fashion too seriously! I say perfect I’m IN and It’s about time!! If you have never stopped having fun with fashion Kool..keep doing you…(go girl)if you’ve sunk into a  fashion slump (it’s ok, that’s what I’m here for lol!! Let’s get out of the slump together!!)…Start by Kicking things off with a bang for Fall.  Take fashion risk by adding a little drama or fun to create some amazing style(we so got this :)! Here are a few of my favorite fun,get it started for Fall looks!! Check out Ms.Pretty in Pink I love her look !!! The Pink Trench from Spring 2015 is still a doable piece for Fall 2015, so work with what cha got! This glamour-girl is all about style, with her Moschino iPhone Vanity Mirror case in tow for a quick peek if need be… killing it!! The 70’S trend is still going strong for Fall also, like with this ASOS Blue zip front Suede A-line Skirt $116.45 (I was born in the 70’s so I can dig-it). Take a fashion risk by mixing the old with the new. Always have fun and be playful & creative with Fashion,no rules just style!!  

I’m so in the mood for this 70’s inspired Round Blue Stone Ring, so hot and on trend for Fall by Express $24.90 I love me a sexy shoe! You can not go wrong with these Cork High Heal Pumps,these shoes Scream Sexy 70’s Chic with a modern flair $50.95 Shoebuy “Do you know where your going too”…Oops I had a moment(lol)that’s my JAM!! BE Fierce with this Dramatic oh so Diana Ross from Mahogany Steel Grey Floppy Fedora Etsy $192.18 #Loveit!!express blue stone ringsexy cork pumpsgrey fedora

Chocolate Milk anyone??? Yaasssss!!!!Keep the fun flowing because Kate Spade does it right with this super fun creme de la creme milk crossbody container bag $348 when you want to keep them thirsty for more!! Lust alert…my newest lust yes It’s a definite lust and sooo over the top is the Moschino Milano Pink leather Biker Jacket Purse (from the Moschino Barbie collection) Yes It’s a purse y’all… FABULOUS!!  for a mere $1,665 at Neiman Marcus

Chocolate milk bag inside chocolate milk bagMoschinoMediumBikerShoulderBag





Pricy little numbers … (ugh.. I know) But for those who can DoDo and for those who can’ it on a budget!!! It’s all good!!! For the cost conscience (like me) try these more affordable options with flair.. still FABULOUS. A girls gotta have options!  Moschino Vanity Mirror iPhone case Barbie Collection ShopBop $85  or etsy milk carton purseEtsy Pink or Blue Milk Carton Box Bag $21.19 by SilentPeachWig pink phone case


My favorite case for the moment is the Moschino graffiti skateboard motif case $135.  rocked with the Moschino  Spray can shoulder purse!! I’ll  explain lol! My daredevil skateboard wipeout..

skateboard caseWhatever style you choose Be fearless, Be you and Have fun…you are So Stylish!!

skateboard case-front

spray paint shoulder bag

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