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Spicy Mamacita!

black lace crop jacketblack maxi long skirtneon pink cufflace wife beater-tbeige lace up open-toe-bootI have a couple of long skirts in my closet that I never wear…Not sure why???  Lately  I’m looking for some creative  oomph to break away from my usual wardrobe norm.  I swear this skirt has been in my closet for-ever it even still had the price tag on it…shameful lol!!  What I love about this skirt is the embroidery across the top of it, it reminds me of  something you would wear to a sexy salsa class and  since Valentines day is right around the corner I say YES!  My skirt is really long so I tied a knot on the bottom of it to hike-it-up a bit, doing this gave my look a little more sass showing my peek-a-boo knee high boot underneath!  Break up all of the black with a bold chunky bracelets and by wearing a tan or neutral boot. I love the touch of lace on the jacket it says hello Mamacita and adding the wife beater tank says I’m not too serious still playful, comfortable and fun!!  Get into your closet and go shopping mix & match things up go crazy and get creative!

long black skirt me3   price tag knotted skirt bottom with boots cool bracletlong Boho skirtThis was my closet shopping look for the day!!  As you can see I’m forever on the clearance rack looking for great deals (long black skirt), I just wish that I did not let it sit in my closet for so long..better late than never!  My knee high boots are from 9 west, wife beater Miley Cyrus (Walmart) lace jacket was a great find at Ross (I love that place just be prepared to dig through the over-stuffed racks tho lol!!)


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