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Hi my name is Ginell and welcome to Luv U fearlessly!!   I’m so excited that you are here checking out my blog and joining me on the journey!!  A little bit about me, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, fun-loving dreamer who lost her way!   As the years have gone by and boy how fast they go..I woke up one day to realize that life was moving forward and I had no clue about who I was anymore..,  As strange as  that sounds it was unfortunately my truth .  I was just existing (not living) going through life as I accepted it, proceeding with caution doing what I thought I was suppose to do loving and serving others but not loving or serving me!  Being selfless is a tricky thing it can be both good and bad, I’m learning that balance is the key to everything we do in life.  I invite you to share my journey to self-love, discovery and living my best life without apology, shame or FEAR!!   So far the journey has been fun (living out loud quietly), a little scary and exciting all mixed-up together!!!  I’m learning to love, except and celebrate the woman I am TODAY right now in this moment and that the woman I am..ME…. she’s OK (far..far..far..did I say far (lol) from perfect but OK!  I get into it all my love of fashion, life, love, faith, celebrating being fearless, home decor, creativity and fitness and oh one last thing….  my OBSESSION with getting my Booty back!  Shameful I know,… but hey no apologies for the truth right!?  Mommy wants her booty back!!  I hope I’m able to clearly communicate to you and to myself what I’m learning, my desire to Luv U (a.k.a love me more) with kindness, generosity, time and to walk through the things that scare me the most 2 Timothy 1:7 for God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.   And to receive the love and support that I want and need vs. what is given to me (I hope that makes since??)… As I journey through my prayer is that my life always be filled with family, friendship, laughter, passion, love (lots of it),cute clothes, faith and truth!



Fearlessly yours!


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  1. I miss your blog!

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