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How to Rock that Winter Mini skirt!

mini me    christian-louboutin-camel-suede booth&m gray jersy skirtspanx-blk tight-end-tights nasty-gal-after-party-vintage-felisha-shirt          I know it sounds kinda crazy wearing a mini skirt  during winter, but with a few little tweaks I say why not!!  I went shopping in my closet today looking for things I could remix and wear right now.  Sometimes I get caught in a rut of wearing the same things over and over so instead of running to the store to purchase a new top or a pair of shoes I went for another option.  I decided to pull some stuff together from my closet (not particularly from this season) like a mini skirt that I have worn during the summer!  I put my gray mini with a pair of patterned black tights some camel suede ankle boots and a light weight sheer plaid top.  Now if I walked out of the house like this alone without a coat, hat, scarf and gloves  I would probably freeze, but since I have all of the warm extras I can layer up and be just fine.  It’s not always about spending money…style is you putting yourself together and putting your style stamp on it, ROCK IT!! Take some fashion risk mix & match and just have fun with it,  be uniquely you without fear!!!!  luv u fearlessly! I would love to see you mix your wardrobe and shop your closet for winter…Show me what you came up with too I would love to post it!!


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