Pecksniff’s Sandalwood & Vanilla Dry Body Oil


I love oils, lotions and potions it keeps my skin hydrated and soft, along with the addition of a healthy lifestyle and proper fuel. Smelling fantastic is a right we all should honor and nurture! Pecksniff’s  England dry body oil is one of those special items that you simply just indulge in…allowing your body to say thank you as it drinks it all in the reward?…beautiful glowing skin! The Gardenia & White Peach dry body oil is so pleasant, pretty, floral and sweet, it absorbs instantly into the skin perfectly, its great right out of the shower never greasy just wonderful!

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This fragrance has a Woodsy base with of notes of sandalwood that are complimented and uplifted by the sweet aromatic scent of vanilla. It’s such a soft cozy fragrance that we all would love to warm up too, enriched with Moroccan Argan oil renowned for its benefits for skin, hair and nails,


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