Limited Edition Bliss Cassis+Sandalwood body butter


Treat your skin to the Limited Edition Cassis+Sandalwood Body Butter from bliss.  This soothing emulsion works to soften and smooth your skin amazingly, and it’s suitable for all skin types!  The Bliss famous formula has undertones of sandalwood which is used in every massage at the bliss spa, it leaves even the driest skin soft, supple and glowing – all without feeling greasy. Indulge your skin in this fruity, buttery treat. –  Paraben free.

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blisslabs cassis & sandalwood  body butterBack in the day when I  hung out in Berkeley, CA I would purchase this wonderful fragrance oil called Cassis..It was the best oil I have ever smelled and used EVER!!!! So fruity..luscious..Fabulous!! Well leave it up to Bliss to give me what I was looking for.. I love Bliss!! This body butter has moisture to the max, this cream is like no other.. the best formula on the planet!  It’s perfect for soothing dry, lack-lustre skin, with a mouth-watering fruity fragrance! Enriched with coconut oil and vitamin E,  this stuff injects parched skin with a moisture boost that softens the skin, and leaves you feeling firm and smooth and smelling delicious enough to eat!!! Seriously! This stuff is really hard to find, It’s a limited edition, I only have 1 in stock at the moment.. I’m hoping to get more soon, grab it if you can OMG-osh it’s so wonderful!!


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