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gaining muscle forgetting the scale!

My Arms Time to WO

Hi Everyone I wanted to give you all a update on my fitness journey.  I took some back shots but they came out so dark. While taking the photos I was kinda surprised to see how my arms are developing  from doing push-up (yay!) As my journey continues working on my core seems to be the hardest place for me to tackle and see results,… even with a mostly clean diet. I have had gains to my glutes tho, I  had to laugh today while running for the first time in a couple of months (after doing resistance training only)..things seemed to be a little more wiggly back there (lol). It’s ok because I feel healthy, happy, stronger and juicy like a woman is suppose to be!

Forget the scale!!

forget the scale

I feel so happy and blessed to have made it to see another year!  As the work continues I just want to say that I have embraced no longer living by my scale..I got rid of it (months ago) and it feels amazing.  I judge myself based on how I feel and look when I stand in front of the mirror.  No more judging myself by what the number on the scale says hallelujah!!  It’s freedom at its best, just to show you how tricky the scale can be take a look at the photos below.  Pretty amazing!!!  Now that the holidays are over, like many of you I had my fair share and then some of treats!!  Why?? well.. because it’s the holidays and that’s what we do!!  Enjoying good food family and friends is so wonderful and I would never sacrifice that for being so restrictive about my diet.  For me, I Eat clean (mostly) and I don’t sweat the treats every now and then…no biggie!!  Lift weights (strength train) and get moving not because you’re on a diet or a weight loss program do it because you have decided that you want to be healthy and look & feel amazing for as long as you have life and breath….Don’t let life and circumstances decide for you!  As always,  you determine what looks and feels good  (according to YOU) because what that looks like is different for all of us.  God bless you if you are continuing journey or just getting started, be kind to yourself and others,…train and be committed like a BEAST!!!

Try This Amazing HIIT…..Sweating mandatory!!  Get your jump rope out and ready to use, the best part about this workout it’s only 20 minutes!! Follow the link below!


By Fitness Model Melissa!! A++ Only 20 min!


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Quick healthy breakfast

If your anything like me most mornings are a little hectic!!!  So preparing a quick , easy meal that packs a powerful punch get’s my day off to a great start.  Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day,  I always start with something to fill me up, (in a clean way) make sure it has a good amount of protein, complex carbs, fruits and veggies.  I’m no expert or nutritionist  I’m just a woman trying to figure it all out and sharing the journey, these are the things that are working for me, keeping me satisfied, and taste pretty good.   A good breakfast does not have to be complicated save… the fancy stuff for the weekends when you want to love-on and impress your family and friends!  There is no excuse to skip-out on getting a healthy meal in the morning, you can always make your meals in advance to save your prepared oatmeal it in a  microwave ready container or baggie all you will need to do is…and you’re ready ta go! Here are some of my favorite quick, easy and healthy breakfast ideas!

Banana Pecan Oatmeal

 banana pecan oatmeal

This morning I made quick oats on my stove top it was so delicious, healthy and filling!

In a small saucepan combine the following on medium heat till cooked, add toasted pecans and banana after oatmeal is prepared in your bowl: 

1 Cup quick Oats (takes 1 min to cook)

1 Cup of Coconut drink

1/2 fresh banana

1/3 cup pecans

1 TBS coconut sugar

a dash of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg

Power protein breakfast with Waffles

eggs and peanut butter

Van’s Power Protein Waffles $3.99 contains 10grms protein (for 2) I smeared with 1TBS of natural crunchy

peanut butter and made 2 boiled eggs easy peasy!


Kale Smoothie with Protein

green ingredients    I decided to go green today well Kinda I added 1 8oz container of Evolve (15 grms protein) of plain kefir, frozen berries fresh orange plus the juice.  Such a great way to start the day, It was so good and refreshing packed with protein,  fresh greens (kale) berries (antioxidants) 1 orange mostly the juice (Vitamin C) with a splash of water and Ice blend it and your good to go!!

my green smoothie

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D.I.Y Blush


 DIY Makeup
Wellness Mama

So I’m dabbling a little more into make-up these days and came across blush that I received in a kit with some free stuff.  I don’t wear blush…ever never have so I did not even know the rules for applying it other than apply to the apples of your cheeks?!   So that’s what I did, even though my method was a little questionable I must say that it did brighten my cheeks and made them look a little rosy.   Overall a little bit of  blush made my face look more youthful and fresh.  It really defined the area between my eyes and cheeks which I kinda liked.  The blush I used was a mineral blush which is supposed to be better for your skin since most cosmetics are filled with toxins and horrible things.  I came across this amazing article and recipe from the Wellness Mama on how to make your own natural blush using natural herbs, I have not tried it yet but what’s not to love about that!

Natural Blush Make-up Recipe

Simple homemade makeup without the preservatives and toxins of conventional makeup. Recipe provided by Wellness Mama

Author: Wellness Mama

Recipe type: Beauty


  • ½ tsp arrowroot (+ more if needed)
  • ½ tsp cocoa powder (+more if needed)
  • ½ tsp Hibiscus powder (+more if needed)


  1. As with any homemade make-up recipe, the amounts vary by person. You’ll have to experiment with quantities of each ingredient to find the shade that works for you. Always start with a base of about ½ tsp of arrowroot and darken as needed, testing on my inner arm as I go.
  2. When you get your desired shade, store in a small jar or old makeup shaker and use as needed

Natural looking Make-Up?

 True Match
L’OREAL True Match Walmart $6.96

I have recently started wearing make-up again, I’m finding that all of the options out there for make-up are a little overwhelming.  Back in the day I use to wear my mother’s (Fashion Fair) foundation even tho it was SUPER THICK, messy it got on everything) not to mention it was the wrong color!!  I don’t like feeling like I have on make-up when I wear it.  I  prefer to have healthy, clear good looking skin above all, I’m just looking to have a more polished look!   I want to get out of my comfort zone a little and try something new!  I don’t believe there is anything really “Natural”  about make-up, but you can wear natural looking make-up…I don’t want to put a bunch of garbage on my face ya know!!!  So far I’m digging True Match by L’OREAL (blendable Make-up) and Bare Escentuals mineral veil.  I like the fact that the true match blends to my skin tone perfectly I use N8 Cappuccino it’s like I’m not even wearing it (love that!)   Mineral Veil it takes the place of your old translucent compact powder It’s a nice finishing touch that keeps the shine away!

 mineral veil
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil$21.00 Ulta
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The law of attraction with Pheromones


Kai perfume oil Nordstrom $48

I’m addicted to smelling good!  I love things that smell really beautiful and lift my senses. When I was a little girl my grandma was all about being a lady, she always looked amazing (hip and fresh) and she smelled even better…she did this even while working at night in janitorial services.  Grandma showed me (not with her words but actions) that smelling good was not about the people around you it was more about smelling good for you and to embrace it!  Over the years I have begun to embrace and collect all kinds of different fragrances for my every mood.  My all time favorite perfumes are perfume oils, they last longer than traditional perfumes and they combine natural essential oils which have proven health benefits. Don’t get me wrong I still love a great perfume every now and then but for ever day use I prefer to use oils.  It’s something about the intoxicating smells of natural oils that drives my senses wild.  Maybe this is why, recently I have been hearing a lot about Pheromones..chemicals that are secreted in our sweat and other bodily fluids that are believed to influence the behavior of the opposite sex… such as triggering sexual interest and excitement! Ok now that makes perfect sense… it sounds a little naughty not to mention sexy!   Think about how you feel when you see a put-to-gether guy or girl who smells really nice and has a great spirit It catches your attention…right??  And I’m not just talking about in just a sexual way either (Pheromones yes) but smelling good can be so sweet and so pure and put a smile on you and many other faces!

 flirty little secret pheromones
Victoria Secret Flirty little Secret$22

Victoria Secret is capitalizing on the Pheromone craze with their Flirty little Secret Scented perfume roll-on.  It’s an enticing blend of plum, raspberry, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood.  Pheromones help to subtly inspire sexy-self confidence, flirtation and attention from those around you. This intoxicating blend uses a natural jojoba-oil base unlike most perfumes which are alcohol-based.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle2

Nothing makes me feel more alive than looking my best and smelling like a woman.  I’m not really a perfume girl I mostly gravitate to essential oils, butters, splashes and scented lotions.  But there is nothing sexier than a great bottle of perfume just a little dab in all the right places gives me so much feminine swag.   My favorite at the moment is Mademoiselle by Coco Chanel