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Old School Fitness Throw back!

jane fondasuzannesomersRemember back in the day when working out was simple? I surely don’t remember my mother running marathons, jogging every day, or doing cross fit with other moms. She was never rigid when it came to food or working out either like today. I mean.. I get it, I’m a mom too, and I understand we have to fight for our time to stay fit and healthy for not only ourselves but for our families too. What I don’t remember was my moms “working out” to be such an event like nowadays. I don’t even remember my mom ever┬ásaying things like “I can’t eat that” or “I’ll pass” on the cake and ice cream at a birthday party. I do however remember her getting her workout-on in our living room for like 20 or 30 minutes occasionally but never obsessively, using her old school VHS video tapes. My mom used the classic Jazzercise videos from the 80’s with Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers, and in the late 80’s she worked-out to Denise Austin who I believe at that time came on Public television. My mom was dedicated to fitness in her own way, and she always had on a cute little leotard with leg warmers to match and her make-up… was beat lol! To this day my mother has never been overweight nor has she had any weight problems that I’m aware of. My mom has always had a nice shapely womans figure, a small waist with thicker hips, thighs and a nice round rump… a.k.a big butt. I wish we could go back to the good ole days when working out was simple, eating was simple, and we didn’t have to think so hard about how to figure all this stuff out!

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