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Bold brights to decorate your space!

barstools1neon yellow mirror

As you can tell by now I love color, I think that pops of color brings life to any space.  I’m a accessories and accents kind of girl… the right accents/accessories can take a plain Jane space to an amazing unique retreat!  Tell a story about you in your home, It’s such a great conversation starter and it set’s you apart from Susie next door..  Make a statement!  Include pieces from your travels or wonderful things that you have inherited.  Include special pieces that have been given to you along the journey as well.  Small touches are enough don’t over-do it by making your room too busy with too much stimulation. Make your accents and accessories special by keeping it simple so that you don’t overwhelm the space, little special touches go a long way! How about a Hot Pink neon apartment mirror, by Neon Circus what a great way to add some color and life to your space!  I always wanted to see my name in Neon Lights!!  I have always loved home decor even when I was 20 and broke!!hot pink neon mirror


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