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My Big Booty Confession


booty update 2-25Hi everyone, Happy Thursday! Today is my big booty confessional I have to make this confession because I want to be transparent and share my  journey with honesty and truth!  When I first started this blog and my “get my booty back journey” I was so excited and hopeful about truly transforming my body and gaining some serious mass in my …well you know the rest.  It’s been almost a year now and I have to admit that I’m a little bummed with my progress.  Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful or like I’m complaining… I do have gains (muscles) all over something I never really had before this journey began (hooray)!  My glutes, legs ,arms body even my stomach looks better after having 2 kids , gaining & losing weight through the years… I never thought about seeing changes there.   I do believe MUSCLE is the right direction for all women without a doubt it’s way better than fat and it burns fat faster than spending hours a day being a cardio queen.   Because I have not gained any weight I’m starting to look smaller in the back (sad face) not bigger!  Now, I know that in order to make your butt look fuller and round you have to add some serious weight to it,  my actual weight has not changed but I look smaller.   When I say “smaller” let me preface that by saying I’m no small chicka,  I’m on the thicker side (which I’m ok with)  I have noticed that my booty looks better just not bigger.  My butt use to be bigger before I lost weight from doing a lot of running a few years ago, since that time I have not been able to  recapture what I had on my backside without gaining a lot of weight.

Work-outI have cut my running out almost completely unless I just want to run wild and be free like (1 or 2 days a week) short distances only.  My nutrition is good and consistent filled with lots of protein, fruits, veggies low sugar etc… Crazy thing about it is I even went down a bra cup size YIKES…I’m now a FULL B Cup no longer a C!  Say what!? I’m not complaining much about that one because a least I’m a full B Cup  but geez Louise man no more madness!!  What the heck is going on!!!!  Truth be told all of the squats have given me minimal results , lifting weights and other exercises have been the key for my glute development.  F.Y.I I’m so over all of the technical terms like “Glute Activation” and of course the lovely glute squeeze on the top of every move,  it’s getting on my nerves because as always it  implies that you’re not doing something right if you have no Results REALLY!! … it’s just too much I tell you!!!  I want to stay encouraged and not run down to Mexico for a quickie CHEAP Brazilian Butt & Boob lift from Dr Campos,  No judgment here if you do,  you are probably smarter than me killing myself with my mediocre results….I say life’s short be happy Now!!!  Recently I went to lunch with a good girlfriend and we  laughed and joked about saving up our money and going to see  the Booty Dr in Atlanta,GA my friends girlfriend recently went to see him and got some amazing results she is thrilled with!  The only thing about everyone seeing the same doctor which we kinda laughed about was that all of the butt’s done by this Dr look the same (lol) no 2 booty’s look the same so that’s kinda bizarre when you can recognize your booty on someone else!!  Truth be told It’s just kinda frustrating when you do the work and the results are ok but not exactly where you want to be.  I haven’t given up yet, just sharing my hart and keeping it 100% real with you, if you have any tips, feed back  or Big Booty confessions I would love to hear about it, please share what’s working for you and how you turned a corner with building your glutes I would love to hear about it! I’ll keep you posted as the journey continues!  Much love and Big Booty’s!


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