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gorgeous insideHappy Monday everyone! When I was out for a run the other day I saw this for sale sign in the neighborhood, it made me think am I gorgeous inside? This is what I came up with! #Motivationmonday  I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my body for a cupcake and an extra bag of chips, or for my mind to be used as the devil’s playground, my time to be wasted by others, my spirit to be sucked out of me like a straw, and for my ideas to be disregarded as unimportant or invalid! Today I stand for me and for the God who created and loves me, and wants to know about all things that matter to me! God is the best thing I got going how about you??  To sit back and not rest in that truth and use that power to its fullest capacity would be criminal and dumb. Are you Gorgeous Inside or for Sale to whoever is willing to buy?

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