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Lemon Kale-Strawberry Aid Protein Smoothie

Kale-Strawberry-lemon-smoothieWhenever I see these wonderful looking green smoothies on T.V I feel like wow… why don’t my smoothies look like that?!  On T.V they have this bright wonderful hue of green and the smoothies look so alive, fresh and pretty…. like they just picked all of the ingredients fresh from the garden.  When I make my smoothies at home they look nothing like the ones you see on television.  Mine look more like a dark brownish color that’s a little off putting…to tell you the truth they look kind of gross lol!!  My kids just laugh and I simply don’t care anymore…. (well kind of) how they look is unimportant because they taste amazing!!! I still wouldn’t mind if mine were a little more green and pretty too! (I guess you can’t have it all lol!!).  I can honestly say that my smoothies are  filled with healthy delicious nutritious stuff and that’s all that matters!  I have been fighting to keep myself healthy and well with all of the different bugs (yuck) going around, so I made a healthy concoction loaded with protein, antioxidants rich in Vitamin C, I call it my Zesty Kale & Strawberry Aid..It taste super yummy and it will leave you full and satisfied with protein.



1 Cup of Organic Kale

1/2 strawberries

1/2 cup of frozen pineapples and blueberries total combination of both together should be 1/2 cup

1/2 cup of raspberry-lemon aid Kombucha (Kevita Probiotic)

the juice of 1 Pamelo  (It came from my backyard tree)

1/2 scoop to 1 scoop of protein powder (depending on how much you prefer vanilla) I use Plant Fusion (plant protein, vegan no soy or GMO’S VANILLA BEAN)   available at Sprouts add ice blend and enjoy!

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