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Upcycle Decor!


purple crazyFind Beauty in your blunders!I was feeling a little crafty and had these big plans to transform a flower-pot that I purchased from the dollar store.  I was totally trying to keep my cost down to the dollar and six cents that I spent.  My original idea was to use some chalk paint that I already had at home (When I got home I could not to find the chalk paint!!! scratching my head?)  So onto plan B!!  Ok.. easy peasy change of plans no problem, I will just spray paint the pot and get rid of the sticker on the front of it.  The sticker on the front of the flower-pot did not want to come off ugh!!!  Frustration sigh…. Ok, deep breath… onward I go!  I decided to just cover the stinking sticker,  and spray paint the entire thing.  Simple, and easy right?!  Well not so easy it was super hard to cover this little glossy sticker that I could not get off.  I did so many layers of spray paint, but you could still see the flower pattern underneath.  I finally had to get some acrylic paint to cover the flower that was a shade darker!  This project ended up being such a mess (lol)!!!  It’s not perfect but you know what I like the imperfections,  I put a purple basil plant in the pot and BAM!!!  It was actually cute, I  placed it in my window to get some sun!!!  I’m loving the vibrant contrast of color between the pop of purple herbs with the lime green pot for some reason it works and looks good on my counter.  My next up cycle was just a fluke, my family loves to drink the IZZE sparkling drinks as an occasional treat.  It was sitting on the counter waiting to be taken out to the recycle bin when I thought this bottle is pretty cute I’ll use it as a vase the next time I purchase some fresh flowers. I decided to put some daffodils in the bottle (Trader Joes $1.50) and it looks pretty good,  now that’s what I call using what you got to make something simple, beautiful and cheap!!  I’ll keep this one out of the recycle bin, get inspired and stay creative.Izze bottle for flowersflower pot suppliesflower pot1

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