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Is Going dairy free better for our skin?

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dairy freeGood Morning and Happy Tuesday! Have you ever considered the dairy products you consume could be the cause of  some of your skin issues? As a former acne sufferer myself, I’m starting to give this discussion some consideration! For the most part I have been able to keep my adult acne under control with the exception of a few hormonal break-outs here and there. I’ve come across studies that suggest dairy could be at the heart of most skin problems and allergies. Since I don’t need any more issues especially when it comes to my skin, I’m going to give this dairy-free thing a try!

For starters just say No to Sun Damage!! I use to lay out in the sun to get that perfect golden brown tanned skin when I was younger.  Back then the sun provided 2 things for me, smooth brown skin and a great cover-up for my acne, somehow the sun made it look better.  I used no sun protection because I wanted to get tan, the darker I got the better (I think I was obsessed with having darker skin). I started to pay the cost for this around age 38, all of those years of sun bathing and exercising outside w/o sun protection finally caught up to me. I had no idea what hyperpigmentation was until it started to show-up with uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin.  sun protection-2 me sun protectionToday I still love the sun, that will never change… this time I have armed myself with the proper tools if I’m going to be in the sun. I won’t even leave my house without sunscreen, for everyday use I love Ultra-Sheer dry touch sunscreen by Neutrogena SPF 55.  It’s super lightweight not ashy or greasy perfect for my face!  If I’m walking or running I uses  waterproof sun protection with a higher SPF my fav is (Neutrogena Sport face oil-free lotion SPF 70+) along with a baseball cap for extra coverage and I’m good to go!


coconut dream-2sourdough pizzaAs for going dairy-free for better skin that’s a bit more complicated because your girl loves pizza!!! Giving up pizza is a total deal breaker even for better skin.. I’m sorry I just can’t do it!  What I have decided to do instead of giving-up pizza completely is to have it occasionally as I work my way through this experiment.  When I brought up going dairy-free to my Dermatologist she was not a fan at all!!!…I wonder why? She didn’t feel there was enough concrete evidence to support this theory for better skin.  I mean seriously what’s the harm it’s at least worth investigating the difference if there is any at all?  As I walked away from the Derm’s office with my RX in tow, I shrugged off her concerns and proceeded with my day.  I really want to see if going diary free has a huge impact on my skin.  I havent had dairy for a week now, so I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I move through this craziness!!  I gave up traditional milk a long time ago so that’s no biggie, I have also replaced what people normally use cheese for like on sandwiches or tacos with avocado so that’s no bigger either but pizza no substitutions for that!!! If you have noticed a complete turn-around with your skin by giving-up dairy please share your experience with me I would love to know how it has gone for you, I’m excited for you to share the outcome! Hey there beautiful you are so beautiful… keep on fearlessly loving U, Have a wonderful day!!!

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