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At home beauty with 3D fiber mascara!

younique 3d fiber mascara

Ok I must admit that I’m a product junkie…. This product has got me a tad excited to see what it’s really all about!  It’s called Younique 3D Fiber Mascara.  I love mascara and I love the look of lashes (not spider eyes) This concept in mascara seems to be something like I have never seen before but it make pretty good sense.  Have you heard of 3D Fiber Mascara?  Well here is what  it’s suppose to do:


Color: Black

Add length and volume to your own lashes

        • Comes in black only
        • Increase natural eye lash look by 300%
        • Lashes are buildable to your desired thickness and length
        • Removes easily with warm water and facial cleanser or eye makeup remover
        • It’s kinda pricy at


           but I guess it’s about the cost of getting your lashes done with the ability to remove it nightly.  Please let me know if you have tried them and what you think??  My curiosity has got me going to purchase them for myself.. I’m now intrigued…I’ll keep you posted!!

    Love Those Lashes!!

    Smoke and Mirrors NYC Lash

    One of my favorite current trends in beauty right now is lashes! Back in the old days lashes were only used for special occasions or events. Now everyone including guys are getting in on the lash revolution and wearing lashes daily. Make a statement and bat those beautiful baby Browns, Blues, Blacks, Greens & Hazel eyes! Here are a couple of big new companies devoted to helping us create our lovely luscious lashes. Smoke and Mirrors– created by celebrity make-up artist Stephen Moleski best known for edge and glamour has developed a custom selection of 100% human hair lashes w/a clear flexible band that anyone of us can easily apply ourselves.. I love the NYC lashes and the Atlanta lash $13.50

    House of Lashes Bohemian Princess

    Also be sure to check out House of Lashes flirty collection of handcrafted 100% sterilized premium human hair lashes. For a pretty fluttery look try the Bohemian Princess lashes on sale now $7.00 while supplies last!

    Sally Hanson at home gel Nailsgel nailsGel Nails are all of the rage right now because it last longer than regular polished nails,  and it won’t chip by the time you get home from the nail salon!!!   I do not polish my fingernails toes on the other hand well that’s another story…(It’s mandatory!!!!)  I love the way painted nails look on other women, It can really do wonders for your hands!   Since I’m embracing the new me and trying new things :) I decided to give polished nails a try using the new at home Gel Nail polish by Sally Hansen.  I had to purchase 2 bottles… polish and top coat.  It was a relief to only have to do 2 steps (1st) step polish and (2nd) step top coat, that’s lamp ! I love that it did not require any extra time or steps, it was very easy and so far no chipped nails!  There are several nail polish brands to choose from that offer gel polishes for home use. I purchased the Sally Hansen brand at Walgreens for $7.99 each with $1 off coupon one for each bottle, so I ended up paying $6.99 per bottle.  The cost was a little more than the price of a regular manicure (not sure how much for a gel manicure?) but over the long run I can paint my nails over and over again and end up savings lots of $!! 

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