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Hey there Beautiful.. Gray Hair still trending..Do you love it?

gray hair trends fall 2015 grey hair fall 2015gone gray RihannaExtensionsStraightened-Grey-Highlights gray matters 2015 grayhairweavesAny woman of a particular age like me (fab 40’s) is not too sure how to feel about this trend? I don’t have gray hair  just a few stray grays I affectionately call my “stress grays” (Thanks lol!!) I must say I love it tho when a woman has a beautiful natural mane of gorgeous gray hair (white not yellow) it looks so pretty, regal…earned. The new shade of gray if done correctly looks more like the actual color gray, styled youthfully and sharp.  I do like the contrast of two-toned gray with dark hair. I was not sure how to feel about this look because it’s a fine line to get this trend correct.  The missteps can age you and look a hot mess unfortunately If done incorrectly!! I found these gray lock looks and would love to hear what you think??  This is not a new trend it’s still kind of lingering into fall, so I’m curious to hear what you have to say  about it.  Do, you love it or want to leave it??  P.S I love all of the looks posted here on this page..these ladies are Smashing it.. they look completely gorgeous!! Would you consider giving this trend a try, Or is the #callmegranny hair only for the young unless you are naturally gray? If you would try or have tried this trend please send me a picture or start a conversation, I would love to hear what you think.  Hey there beautiful..You are so Beautiful!

lips love & blessings!

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