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Protect dry hands and lips

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butter tramp stampButter London Tramp Stamp is a naughty name with a Fabulous color!  Nail polish has always been anything goes with me, I tend to always gravate to the bright neon-like hues in the summer and the dark vampy shades or black all other times.  I think hands should look soft, pretty and well moisturized!  Lately I have been considering trying a neutral color but I’m afraid it will make my hands look old lady-like (lol) Sorry I know that was wrong!  If I find the right shade I may give it a try.  Plum lips are  making a round for bold lip colors, red is still fighting to stay on top  while plum is slipping in the side door! Keep your lips and hands moisturized by doing weekly exfoliations, keep dead dry skin at bay to reveal softer hydrated skin.  An easy tip for quick exfoliation that works is by making your own at home.  Combine 1/4 cup of sugar with 3 TBS of your favorite moisturizing oil like, avocado, coconut or grape seed then place 2-3 drops of vegetable glycerin to lock in moisture.  Stir this mixture and place in a lip pot or small glass jar to maintain freshness.  Follow your exfoliation with your favorite hand and body cream like the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector and wear a nourishing lip balm like Neosporin overnight lip renewal at night.

Body shop hemp-hand-protector_l neosporin night renewal

2 thoughts on “Protect dry hands and lips

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  2. Thanks for the tips! Although, I don’t like the smell of the “Body Shop Hemp”

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