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My Cozy Valentine’s day decor!

IMG_0849Make your chair and couch feel special by giving them some Valentine’s day love!   V-day is just around the corner…but there’s still time to make your space feel extra special and loved.  Add special touches that say I love you, here are some fun simple idea’s that you can easily incorporate into your home to make it feel special! Have a seat on the throne my love, With this stylish but timeless Red Velvet throne chair by Diva Rocker Glam!

valentines day pillow2 I found these cute conversation hearts a couple of years ago that I use every year for Valentine’s day.  This year I added a polka-dot pillow cover from Ikea to mix & match things up!  It’s a little more colorful, playful and fun!

v-day pillows3 Pottery Barn Pillow Cover $30




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