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Getting my booty back!!

squats w weightsHi Everyone!  I hope you  are enjoying your week so far and looking forward to a wonderful weekend packed with fun activities, family and friends!  I caught a cold from my kiddos’s and of course it took me down!  This crazy cold of mine has turned into a trip to the Doctor to find out I have Bronchitis, an ongoing fever, and now this morning crusted over eyes (great!)  I’m so over being sick…I’m DONE!!! I want my voice and body back like NOW!!! I miss my energy level, I miss feeling good, and I of course miss working out! My booty is like why aren’t you working me out lady what happened (lol)!!!!  I had these big plans to go out for a long walk or run this week which of course did not happen I did however, walk to the bank and market for some much needed fresh air and to get my body moving (something is better than nothing) .   My entire week is off as far as my Work-outs (ugh) my head and chest were way too congested to do anything…so giving my body the much needed rest it deserves is a necessity for recovery.  I’m looking forward to getting back to working out and moving. I made a bad decision and went into the garage to do a little lifting, it was such a bad move on my part I was way too weak and not quite ready (big mistake). I’ll wait a few more days before hitting the weights and getting back on track it’s better to be safe than sorry!   Tomorrow is Friday (yay) the weekend is just around the corner yippee!! I want you all to be well, get moving, set a goal and get that body/booty back!  We can do it… we have the power let’s GO!!   Much loveTime to WO-1

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