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Getting my booty back..It’s been a year Update!

IMG_0440Then…8/2014me update Now…8/2015

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I have done any updates on my progress, so I decided to show you photos from where I started and I where I am today. I want to start off by saying I’m feeling great…the best I have felt physically in a long time! I’m still committed to keeping up with whatever I need to do stay in shape. I thrive on physical activity, I look at it as a challenge(no guts no glory so I’m going HARD)!!  Back when the old photos were taken I pushed my body to the brink, running everyday and not eating enough food (a.k.a) proper nutrition. Today I run a lot less and I eat a lot more..(go figure?) I try really hard to eat  mostly clean but hey, food is pleasure to me and I’m totally fine with shots of pleasure every now and then.  Thank you for allowing me to be honest..over-sharing at times (haha) and over-showing (sorry too much at times I know)!!  Thanks for allowing me to be real about it, seeing me on good days and bad going through the struggle all in pursuit of  trying to figure this crazy fitness thing out! Like…lifting weights, walking, running or my newest obsession hot yoga!  I have settled on and made-up in my mind a long time ago even while I was running everyday, over-doing it and making bad choices, that exercise is a part of my daily life (period).  I feel grateful to be able to do it and will continue too as long as God says ok. Be fearless and Live!!

IMG_0450back shot 8-26-158/2014 (photo on right)  8/26/15 (photos on left)Still walking through the journey!

8-26-15 body update

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