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Getting my booty back!

Happy Monday!!

calories burnedIf all it took was 1 hour 25 minutes & 8 seconds to feel absolutely amazing for the entire day would you say Ok? What about 20 minutes, 15 mins or 1 hour…Would you commit?? Could you do it?  One day it may take you 20 minutes and the next day it could take a little longer whatever “it is” be ok with it, find the time and just commit!  Once you decide to commit declare it in the name of God,..say (thank you Jesus) believe it..receive it… and move on!  This #mondaymotovation is to myself and whoever else that chooses to believe that today is a new day, and whatever happened yesterday is in the past.  Stay positive and focused on TODAY…even if  you are operating by the minute it’s all good!  Remember to smile, get through it,  and be thankful for the journey.  The opportunity to move is truly a gift, so don’t waste it with excuses by taking it for granted!  After the deed is done kill them with kindness because you are kind.. And be fabulous with your beautiful  Spirit and Body to match!  My fitness mantra for today is “If it’s not hard enough it’s probably not working enough”!! #results! Love and blessing for a beautiful YOU…feel good TODAY because you did that…yep I did that!!!starting the day off right!

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