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HIIT vs. T25 and P90X3

HIIT Image  It seems like every couple of years a new study surfaces about how much exercise is actually “required” to maintain a healthy weight and decent overall health.  The newest trend to hit the fitness community is High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT, short burst of  intense movement followed by a 30 second resting period.   The best thing about HIIT is that you can cut your work-out time in half no more stale cardio and running for hours.  Truth be told I like this idea but I honestly don’t know if this is effective for everyone or for people already in good shape?  When I was trying to lose weight it took a lot more than 20-30 minutes of working out to get the weight off.  It seemed like my body required more to start shedding the lbs, perhaps that’s where I went wrong?!  I did P90X five years ago on and off for about 3-4 cycles I lost 23lbs. P90X Is the truth and I’m a big BELIEVER in the program, the workouts are crazy intense and hard as heck…but it works!!


    T25Lately I have had my eye on T25 by Shaun T he’s the Hip Hop Abs guy (super cheesy, but sick body)creator of Insanity.  My co-worker just gave me her Insanity video workout series but I’m not sure if I want jump into it…I’m a lot more attracted to T25 it’s only a 25 minute work-out (YES)…super intense but 25 minutes, the results seem to be about the same as Insanity.  My main goal is to tighten my core and of course getting that booty of mine righteous honey… sitting up high, big and mighty lol!!  Tony Horton creator of P90X has a new workout called P90X3 its a 30 minute workout series 6 days per week, it covers everything you want in a great workout strength training, palates, yoga and major core work….I LOVE Tony Horton (he’s the man) this may be the one I choose (I’ll keep you posted)!!P90X3 



      The21DayFix-portion containersThe final program on my radar is the 21 Day Fix by Autumn Calabrese which offers a 30 minute workout (for every fitness level) along with specific food storage containers to help maximize your results and teach portion control.   It seems simple but effective especially the portion control!  My motivation for this is simple, the older I get it’s important to me to maintain the best quality of life and fitness I can which requires work. I’m not gonna lie I want to look good too… fabulous and 40’s just go together right?! Besides every spring I tell my kids I’m going to wear a bikini this summer.. well so far no bikini! I want to shock the heck out of them and myself (lol) and actually wear one!!  Most programs are 90 days except for the 21 Day Fix (I’m assuming it’s 21 days) so if I get it together I have a chance before summer (yay!!!). If  you have tried these programs or plan to, please let me know how you like it and the results you received?  If you’re considering starting one of these programs we can start together!!! Let’s get a movement started I’m so game how about you are you in???!!!

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