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Fresh and fabulous finds

Fresh and fabulous!

Here are a few of my favorite summer finds..Hey there are so beautiful!

pacifica hawaiian ruby guava soap-outsideKeep dry summer skin feeling soft, clean and radiant by bring the tropics to your shower with Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava natural soap. I love this brand.. this luscious blend of tropical island fruits smells absolutely fruity, fresh and delicious! I have a few extra of these yummy bars of goodness left, go to luv2shopmycloset $6 and grab a bar!

For some reason this summer has been super dry around my neck of the woods, hardly no rain or moisture at all, and unfortunately my hair and skin are feeling the effects!! To combat this problem, I’ve had to amp up my conditioner/moisturizer for both my skin and hair. I really like is to use organic coconut oil to hydrate my body and hair. I just keep a huge jar in the shower, it’s great to use on both my skin and hair, it penetrates my skin and hair so wonderfully. I’m a huge fan as you know of avocado oil too… I go back and forth between the two oils, I prefer the smell of coconut oil…because it reminds me of summertime. I found this huge jar of Tropical Life Organic Coconut oil at Wal-Mart for $11.99 it will last forever…a little goes a long way.tropical life organic coconut oil 

I don’t know if this happens to you but wearing make-up in the summer can be a hot mess, leaving you to say just forget it!!!  I’m not a huge make-up girl but I do like to have a “polished” pulled together look when I’m headed out for the day. I absolutely can not stand it when my face looks shiny,oily and sweaty while I’m out and about, at school, running errands or playing taxi mom…(so not a cute look) not to mention gross!!! What I do to combat the buildup is to keep a clean sponge blotter in my purse, occasionally blotting my face getting rid of the sweat or any access oil.  If you are looking for a make-up that doesn’t really feel or look like make-up try IMAN Second to none, It’s awesome, light weight and flawless giving you a polished fresh-faced look all day long! This stuff is awesome my Best friend is a huge fan and has been using second to none for years her skin…always FLAWLESS! $11.50 available at luv2shopmyclosetIman-2

Keeping dry and smelling fresh is mandatory during the hot summer months. Keep cool, comfortable and fresh by using the Somerset Toiletry Company Skin Talcum Powders. This powder works great in the crevices where you sweat like under arms, breast, thighs and behind the knees, Available in Skin Argan Oil, Skin Olive Oil and Skin Shea Butter $10 luv2shopmycloset I have a couple extra’s!

talcum powder set 

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