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Fight dry Winter Hair, Skin & Body!!

Fall/Winter Hair, Skin & Body beauty Survival Must haves!

dry winter skinI don’t know about you.. but the change in weather has already taken an effect on my hair,skin and body!!  I looked at my face this morning and could see dry patchy skin (yikes)!! As we all know, dry skin  especially on the face makes you look tired, dull and dare I say it AGED!! Nothing wrong with growing older because like it or not we are all getting older God willing!  Truth be told, I don’t mind!  I want to have happy skin that’s hydrated, soft & beautiful to touch with a wonderful glow… no matter my age!

blisslabs lemon-sage supershine shampoo-conditioning rinseAs for my hair I want the same thing.. a strong mane of healthy locks, free from a flaky dry scalp and brittle ends!   I learned years ago that over shampooing is a no-no from a co-worker named Dima.  Dima grew up in Jordan,  she had the most luscious beautiful hair on the planet, It was dark, shiny & gorgeous!  Her secret was simple don’t  wash your hair everyday once per week is more than enough.  I give major props to co-conditioning with Tropical Life Organic Coconut Oil along with a great shampoo & conditioner combo. Locking in moisture is the key to great hair, my favorite at the moment shampoo & conditioner is made by Blisslabs the Lemon-Sage Supershine shampoo and Conditioning rinse  available here at  luv2shopmycloset.  I don’t know exactly what it is that makes this stuff so great?? It just is!!   prue avocado oilI’m a huge believer in cold press avocado oil.. It’s not a heavy oil, perfect for adding moisture to my face! As far as my skin goes I’m sticking with the things that I know. Honor your skin, body and hair by loving  and being good to it..for me avocado oil works!!  I’m a big fan of exfoliation, something gentle enough to do a couple of times a week to keep dry skin at bay.  I’m  in love with TOCCA Esfoliante da corpo  Italian Blood Orange body scrub!  This stuff is pricy but so worth it… it feels good and the smell is unforgettable!!! The final step to take moisture to the next level for the body is by finishing off with (my addiction) a thick African Shea butter!!  It’s all about layering people!! Body butters are thick and yummy loaded with nutrient dense benefits to keep the skin well conditioned, glowing and fed! Here’s one of my favorites Om She  lemon & grapefruit body good and it’s sulfate and paraben free! Check out my shop for more body butters!Tocca Italian Blood OrangeSHE Lemon-Grapefruit body butter-1

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