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Favorite Summer smells captured….

summer in hawaiiSweet Summer Memories…..

Since summer is not officially over yet I decided to give one last shout-out to a few of my favorite summer finds that have made this summer feel special! As the mood and the weather transitions to Fall I will be sure to carry some of  these Summer favorites along with me! This summer I rediscovered Luxury Talcum Powders, If any of you have every had boob sweat (lol) sorry TMI you know why I love…. it keeps you fresh and DRY need I say more! England is doing Talcum powders right my newest favorite from the Jolly’O is pecksniff's grapefruit-1PECKSNIFF’S England Grapefruit & Citron Luxury Talcum Powder $12. Can we talk about lux this powder smells just like Grapefruit yes grapefruit…It’s so bright, fresh and wonderful!!!  I found a couple of them and snatched them up quickly…available here at luv2shopmycloset  It’s such a great pick-me-up scent that reminds me of summer. Another great summer memory was the smell of the fresh flower Hawaiian Lei’s I could not get the beautiful smell out of my mind.  I actually found that smell captured in a bottle the original  michael korsMichael Kors Eau de Parfume Spray $110 and c.Booth’s Mimosa Honeysuckle shaving oil $8 here at luv2shopmycloset mimosa shaving oilboth fragrances are simply intoxicating talk about pheromones be prepared for the allure of attraction from admirers when you wear it!! Since Summer was  all about showing beautiful, healthy glowing skin, another one of my summer fave’s is the Olive Oil  Exfoliating Salt Scrub by the Somerset Skin Care Companyolive oil salt scrub luv2shopmycloset $14.  This Salt Scrub smells so clean and so beautiful and it leaves my skin so soft, smooth and supple….It’s outta this world I love to pair it with the Olive Oil Talcum powder also available here $10 the combination of the two fragrances layered together is powerful I smell myself and I smell good!!! I’m OBSESSED with smelling good. I wish that summer would never end, but thank goodness I have these incredible Summer Favorites to give me summer inspiration all year-long!! Please share your Summer favorite memories captured, I would love to hear about it!

I luv U Fearlesslylips

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