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Faith I believe…to keep on going!

gray skiesFinding the strength to stay positive and upbeat without all of the emotion has been quite a struggle for me lately because when…LIFE HAPPENS it really happens!!  Being pulled and tugged and needed is great but sometimes carrying the emotional load and physical responsibilities of others is taxing. I’m realizing that life under my own terms is so important, I define the terms they belong to me.  I set the rules for how I want to live and be.  To me love is everything, In the past couple of months I have learned that setting boundaries (even with my children) is difficult but a necessity for them and for me.  I define Boundaries as love, love for myself and others.  I’m at this crazy mid-point part of my  life.. re-defining and learning who I really am. I’m discovering new and old things about me and it’s been quite the journey, to be honest some days I feel like I’m failing at it because I really just don’t know or have any clue about the answers!  Today from this day forward I’m giving myself permission to be ok with the not knowing and understanding that every stage of the unknowing is a path to personal growth. I know that I won’t stay in (the state of unknowing) for long because I crave the knowing, it’s necessary for me to move forward.  I do have however have enough faith and belief in me to know that no matter what I got at a time..I got it!!  I know that I am blessed and loved by a God who is gracious and kind beyond measure and for that I am grateful.  John 15:5 says…  I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. Amen to that have faith and believe!!!!!


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