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Less Religion more God!!

sunsetHave you ever heard the expression don’t lose your religion over it? Well in my opinion we could all stand to have a little less religion and a lot more faith in God! Faith is a personal thing, It’s a relationship between you and God no fancy church with an amazing pastor…just you and your creator.  God alone will light the path and lead the way to life for those who rely and depend upon him…sounds simple but honestly quite difficult to do.  Through this journey I’m learning to tame the distractions that toss me to & fro like… feelings, emotions even people with good or bad intentions. Having faith and belief that God alone will guide me to his best is something that I’m learning to do daily. I’m also learning with God’s help how to silence the noise that leads me astray, this is something that I definitely need help with. As long as I put my total trust in him, God will strengthen me where I am weak.  Often times religion gives you a false sense of who God is or what God is to you.  Listen to the one who created you to get the answers that you need!! God knows that we need help in the natural, so he places his faithful servants in life’s path to help us along the way.  Always trust that inner voice inside that comes from our lord & savior, be sure to ask him for his help to guide you in discerning  the difference.  Have Faith and Believe!!!

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