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How God rescues us from our enemies!

hand saving handsHappy Thursday’s Blessings! WFT: Psalm 18:16-19 He reached down from above and took hold of me; he pulled me from the surging water. He rescued me from my strong enemy, from those who hate me, for they were too strong for me. They confronted me in my day of calamity, but the Lord helped me. He brought me out into a wide open place; he delivered me because he was pleased with me. (Amen, “God delights in His son Jesus & therefore delights in us as believers. The God of the universe delights in u. Whatever your circumstance or obstacle, cry out 2God. You will be rescued, & restored. Share this love today‚Ķthe love of a God who delights in u & responds because He loves u)!” *Daughter Of The King* 8:01 AM

Thanks Iris for sharing the Word for the Day!

2 thoughts on “How God rescues us from our enemies!

  1. Awwww You are so Welcome!! God Bless you too!

  2. I SO needed this today! Thank you and God bless :-)

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