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Delicious gluten free blueberry-waffles with fresh pineapples!

gluten free waffles blueberry and pineappleAfternoon crash is a drag… we all get it and we all need it, a daily pick-me-up which for me usually ends up with a slice of something sweet with frosting!  No matter how good I eat all day around 3:00 o’clock my body starts to shut down and my energy starts to take a dip in desperate need of something sweet!  I have been trying to do the “right thing” by making healthier choices vs. grabbing a bag of peanut  M&M’s.  On this particular day I wanted something cake-y sweet and fluffy  so instead of grabbing a cupcake or muffin I decided to give Van’s gluten-free blueberry waffles a try, now I’m NOT gluten-free but  always down for trying something new!  I had these waffles in my freezer when I though I was going to give up gluten.  To my surprise they were delicious, the brown rice flour that’s used to make the waffles was crispy, flakey cake-y and sweet, it was the perfect alternative to a blueberry muffin which is something I would have grabbed in the past.  I topped my blueberry waffle off with a drizzle of maple syrup and fresh pineapple chunks…talk about satisfaction it was FANTASTIC!  Afterwards I felt so satisfied and indulged without all of the guilt, extra calories and sugar!


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