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Give me something sweet!

yipsy macarons-sunrise-hazelnut-cholocate-ganache yipsy macaronsI hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!  I’m sure that most of us enjoyed a lot of  yummy treat’s from our sweetie’s,… a little bit of this… a little of that..Fantastic!!!  Life is something meant to be enjoyed,  never take for granted the simple pleasures and indulges whenever you can…they scream hey you ENJOY ME!!!  And to me that’s what life is all about right???  I SAY YES!!!  If you did not have a sweetie to share your day with,  I hope you were sweet to you and loved on you because you are something special!!  I came across these irresistible treats that should be enjoyed and shared!

Yipsy Macarons! (Gluten Free)

true-northTrue North Chocolate Nut Crunch (Gluten Free low in sugar treat) I keep these in my pantry eat these when I need a sweet fix without all of the sugar…(just a little fix) They are really good and they have a toffee crunch to it too YUM!

kara's-flur-de-selkara's-shopKara’s Cupcakes San Francisco Simply delicious, I love them all especially my favorite Fleur de Sel, filled with salted caramel ooh my goodness good!














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