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Eat this fresh berry parfait

red-white and blue-2 red-white and blueOk I love summer especially summer foods like picnic’s, barbeques, popsicles and my downfall ICE Cream!! I try to be a good girl most of the time..(he he) if I have a craving for ice cream most of the time (not always) I go for the greek frozen yogurt. I mean hey it’s summer I want to keep cool with a creamy delicious treat too! Another alternative to greek or frozen yogurt (which has a lot of sugar) is a good old fashion what I like to call red, white and blue.  Should you have a treat??  Yes.. it’s ok.. really I promise, but be sure to  switch things up and go for the fresh healthy stuff too like a fresh fruit parfait made with fresh pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and Fage greek yogurt.  For a yummy crunch add some homemade granola lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup, brown sugar or coconut/red palm sugar.  To make your own granola is so super easy and it’s much better for you instead of buying the store-bought stuff which can be filled with junk you don’t want and way too much sugar!!!  It’s such a great treat so fresh and so yummy without all of the guilt!

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