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Healthy Chickpea Pasta Primavera!


chickpea pasta chickpea pasta w-veggiesI’m a foodie… finding satisfying meals that actually taste good and keep me healthy is my #1 goal whenever I eat!  To be honest it seems to be getting a bit easier to create healthy meals for myself…the thing is you have to keep an open mind about food and you must be willing try new things.   This week I stumbled upon Chickpea pasta yep that’s right  pasta made out of chickpeas, this pasta is loaded with protein 13 grams per serving along with fiber.  You prepare chickpea pasta exactly the same as traditional pasta,  make sure that you SALT the water generously because this pasta needs a lot of salt or it taste awful and bland,  after you cook the past rinse it with cold water before you prepare or add it to any sauce.  I made chickpea pasta Primavera with fresh lemon and red pepper for a spicy kick!  It was such a bright delicious dish, It’s something that I will definitely use again in the future!!!  I also made a pot of veggie chili this week with tons of veggies and lots of garlic umm, instead of cheese and sour cream I topped my chili off with some sliced avocado and scallions! Soooo Good!!  Just so you know I’m no goodie too shoes this week me and a bag of  Fritos got quite comfortable lol!!!  Since I was sick my body was craving something salty so those salty Fritos did the trick, come to think of it the Fritos would taste so good on the Chili too YUM!!!!…homemade veggie chilifritos


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