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Cheap & Chic! Affordable decor with duvet covers and candles!

Happy Elephant Duvet shams Happy Elephant Duvet Cover2

I like to change things often, probably a lot more than my budget really allows so I have to get creative with my justifications! Duvet covers are a girl like me BFF, it allows me to change the look of my bed often without the big cost of paying for all new bedding every time!


So Fresh & So Clean!

Juicy Watermelon oil burnerMrs Meyer-lavender

I love Saturday Mornings!!  Whenever I get a chance (if my kids don’t have any games) I love to play my music really loud, open the windows (even if it’s cold) and let the fresh clean morning air come through.  Nothing beats a clean house that smells fresh and wonderful!!!  My home is my sanctuary, when I walk into it I love to smell a clean inviting space, filled with the aromas of fresh juicy watermelon, or the crisp ocean breeze… even when the weather outside looks nothing like a tropical beach retreat!  Invest in a great scented candle or oil burner (to burn essential oils) for me they awaken my senses and put me in a great mood!  The Mrs. Meyers’s Clean Day candles are an Eco friendly chemical free candle collection that burn wonderfully well and clean.  I also like the Mainstay candles at Wal-Mart they have really stepped their game up with affordable wonderfully scented candles, my personal favorite is the Juicy Watermelon.  I also like to use my oil burner to make my home smell beautifully fragrant with pure essential oils.


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