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Celebrate living a fearless life Today!!

tangoCelebrate something new like going back to school, writing poetry or taking a Tango class!  Life has so many thing to offer if we just get up and do it!!  I just finished taking a college writing course last Wednesday and boy-o-boy did it kick my butt!!! I have to say this was one of the most challenging things I have done for myself in a long time. I GRUMBLED through most of it but looking back on it now it was so worth it.  It feels fantastic to take on new challenges and to explore.  I’m learning so many new things about myself and It feels so good.  I feel like a teenage girl who is in the beginning stages of life again (minus the acne and braces lol) so exciting!!!  Celebrate life and be fearless… you may just be surprised by the things you discover about You and who you really are..Life is short Celebrate the gift of life and start living TODAY!!!going back to school



2 thoughts on “Celebrate living a fearless life Today!!

  1. That so cool Dani, I’m so glad to hear that! Love & blessings in everything you do!!

  2. You just motivated me to take the next step!

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