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The power of letting Go!

malibu beachThis week was a little rough, lots of changes, adjustments and  growing pains (but I’m celebrating letting go).   This is going to sound terrible to say but sometimes we have to act like it’s either them or me and finding the peace, courage and confidence to choose you….It may seem selfish but trust me it’s necessary.   I’m a confessed people pleaser, I want everyone and everything to be OK which has caused me a lot of unnecessary pain, grief and questioning of “God where are you?” in my life!   Doing this has blocked me from getting where I needed to go.  I know according to scripture (the bible)  my life is not my own, it’s really suppose to be a life  that serves others…not me.   I somehow got this confused with doing everything for others and not giving anything to myself or expecting anything better from others.  I humbly sat back (honestly not always so humbly, sometimes desperate, angry and pitiful) in a constant state of hope waiting for miracles, and things to change what I like to call (please fix this God mode!!).    Because I now luv me fearlessly I know that I CAN Not handle it all.. I am not super human… nor am I Jesus…. I want to be more like Jesus but I am not him…I am Ginell.    Today I celebrate letting go of me block me from reaching my destiny and living God’s best for me and the ones I love.  Now that’s cause for a Celebration!



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