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My daredevil skateboard wipout!

skateboard wipe-outskateboard wipe-out1Celebrate a fun day!  Today was such a beautiful day, the skies were crystal clear, the sun was shining and the weather was in the mid-50’s!  My family and I decided to seize the day and head off to do some skateboarding in the hills and enjoy the great weather!  Once we arrived and spent some time climbing some incredible cliffs, I challenged my kids to take our skateboards down a steep hill….of course this was totally insane but the daredevil in me could not resist!!!  We even drew an audience, the crowd was in sheer amazement for the challenge we were getting ready to take on…. this Massive hill!!  As I was starting to make my way down death hill.. the chants from the crowd grew louder and louder, all I could hear was the countdown on-your-mark-get set… GO!!!! ..No way to back out now, it was ON so off I went!  As I went flying down the hill with laughter mixed with terror it was smooth sailing, It was such a RUSH I was having so much fun until….BOOM Skid…Splat!!!!  About mid way down I lost control of my board and slid down the hill the rest of the way!! It was AWESOME, I destroyed my cell phone which flew out of my pocket while my jeans were  ripping!  It was so hilarious we could not stop laughing!!!  This was just one of the many adventures we had for the day, in fact we had many memorable near death moments (lol) like this for the rest of the day!!!  Today was crazy fun something none of us will ever forget.  All I can say is that we ended the day with laughter and 2 scoops of ice cream to top it all off, this day was priceless!  Before I destroyed my phone I was able to capture these amazing photos from our hike-up the cliff…It was breathtaking and beautiful!! Celebrate being fearless,  life is short be SAFE and have FUN!!

 cliff-bridgewow-cliff-bridgebridge1b-tiful day



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