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Celebrate Father’s Day!!

dadCelebrate Father’s Day!  Father’s are such special people, they shape us and give us the confidence needed to survive life.  I lost my beloved Dad to cancer just over five years ago.  My Father taught me many things. I don’t take any of it for granted because I know I’m one of the lucky ones… my dad  was always there. My dad gave me more than just life he was a giver of himself constantly teaching me, adoring me, loving me and guiding me….My dad gave me the courage to face and make it through anything.  Today I honor my dad and all of the Father’s out there who love and support their children by being present, available and protective.  I value my Father so much, because of the love and guidance he gave to me so freely, It’s a constant reminder of what happens when a  man is selflessness… order is restored, confidence is built, you have stability and an understanding of what real commitment means.  Today I ask you love on or honor the memory of a great Father, be a blessing to them not just today but everyday…

Dad, words cannot even begin to express how much I love and miss you. I am so privileged that we were able to express that love and time together every day of my life! My selfishness want you here but my heart is glad that your body is free from sickness and your soul is with our marvelous creator. Thank you dad for being the most extraordinary father a girl could have! Soar high, be free.

Love your daughter,


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